Sunday, October 5, 2008


This has become the worst phrase I ever hear! My 14yo (she is quick to remind me that she will be 15 in Dec) uses this phrase constantly. She seems to be able to work it into every conversation that we have.

For instance:

Me: I love you
Marie: UMMMMM, Ok

Me: Marie, you haven't done the dishes
Marie:UMMMMM, Ok

Me: You are late for your curfew
Marie: UMMMMM, Ok

Me: I think that the sky is blue
Marie: UMMMMM, Ok

Me: You need to stop
Marie: UMMMMM, Ok

Me: Do we really need to have this conversation while I am upset? Or would you prefer when I am ready to have this conversation.
Marie: UMMMMM, Ok

Do you get the picture?

I just had to share this. I know she is a teenager...But it really gets on my last nerve when she says this with that condescending, "i am way smarter than you" tone that she gets.....I want to rip her cell phone in half and scream "I am smarter, I am an adult for godness sake! Stop talking to me like an idiot!!!!"

Does anyone else relate to this?

I know we all have bigger fish to fry than something this petty...But today I feel like being petty...... UMMMMM, Ok

Be Well!