Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does anyone miss me?????

So....Happy New Year!

I have been so lax in the last several weeks. So very sorry about this! We have had a lot going on that really doesn't seem to have amounted to much. As most of you know, we had a horrible Ice storm on Dec 11 into Dec 12. Alot of people lost power for a significant amount of time. We were lucky and only lost our power for about 36 hours. As luck would have it, my husband was bowling at a tournament in VT that weekend so we got to have a road trip with him.

The girls revolted! They don't travel well when they are prepared for the trip. And Rose hates hotels. I won't get too in depth about her reason but her mother exposed her to many inappropriate things in hotels. Thus she rebels against any fun we try to have in hotels! Marie for the most part is past her issues with travel but it seems as though when we travel she is more easily persuaded to be sucked into Rose's drama. Fun times for everyone.

So thankfully we weren't forced to stay in a hotel for long. Where was I going with that line....hmmmm.... nevermind ...I forgot....Marie and her twin bro are hanging out playing Guitar Hero....Actually they are briefly playing every Wii game we have....ADD....lol

Then we have been passing around repiratory and sinus infections....Fun times!

We are all getting better...with the start of the new year! Yay us! So now I am revved up again to blog...I will try very hard to blog more often. My goal is daily...So cross your fingers.

We have had a great week. I have most of the week off and I have enjoyed being with my family. For the most part the girls have really made an effort to fully engage us. Which I think is excellent. I would have to say this is the first Holiday that was completely enjoyable. I mean, of course, there is always drama! I know that is not possible to escape from that while raising my RADicals!

As the new year starts, I want to remember that there is good and fun to be had with my Radicals. I am hoping God will fill my mind with the fun we have had this past week when I am struggling with them. I hope the same for all of you, too.

I am also wishing you a year full of successes and fun!

Happy New Year!