Saturday, June 14, 2008


If you buy a Frosty at Wendy's today and sunday....50 cents from each one will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation. DTF is an organization dedicated to helping the over 100,000 US Foster kids waiting to find their Forever Families.....

So Buy a Frosty! They are yummy, inexpensive, and it goes to a great cause!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fixes....I love fixes.....

Sorry that you haven't heard from me in a few days! I don't know if you know this or not BUT it has been soooooooo HOT here! Today it is finally wonderful outside and I was able to get comfortable to give you some more fantastic stuff from my brain!

Like the flowers?

I wanted to write about the best thing that has ever happened in my house.....Ok one of the best things....Jumping Jacks rock, too! (Another blog, of course!)

I am excited to discuss fixes because they work! When we were in Attachment Therapy it was emphasized how important fixing a wrong is. For kids like mine, a lot of children actually....They don't think about how their actions affect others. And a Fix not only teaches them to be responsible for their actions but that they can make amends for their negative actions.

A fix is simply something that the offending child does to (a) pay back time and/or energy of yours that they have wasted or (b) an act to show you that they are sorry did whatever they did wrong.

My youngest daughter, Rose, is a pro at Fixes! She spends most of her time doing them so she should be an expert! She is always my greatest struggle. She takes strong willed to another level! I hear the phrase " I am sorry, Mommy....And I want to fix it" at least once, usually twice a day! Fixes are not meant as punishments. They are meant for the child to literally fix their wrong action.

The biggest issue we face in our home is disrespect. With their words and their actions. Kids with loss/abandonment issues are usually control freaks. They want to control what they feel is out of control. Soooooo....when they aren't in control...they become disrespectful and the behavior becomes erratic and wild. By doing these things, they make the adults around them angry (ie, the adults get out of control) and they gain control of the situation by controlling the adult.

So, my husband said that the lecture part should end and I should share a story......I love you, Honey!

Back to why I love fixes......My little Rosie and her gift for fixes! Rose loves to do hair and nails. And at the ripe old age of ten, I have to admit she has talent. She has an eye for it. Nails are another one of her talents. She is a very serious, shy child. As a serious person, she is slow and methodical with all that she does. See how this makes her perfect for such a career. Those are all things I have no interest in. Sometimes, I even forget how special that type of talent can be.

Fixes are done to give me back time that I have wasted with tantrums and other disrespectful actions. I like my toenails painted. I like them to be pretty. I make them messy and my heels are dry and gross....So one of the best ways I regain my time is by her doing something for me that I enjoy. I enjoy my time with her when she is in good space. Added benefit...her performing her miracles on my feet. They look gorgeous when she is done.

She also likes to use minty lotions to massage my feet. I have to admit...It sounds terrible and I am sure some people might think it is beyond horrible. But it is wonderful....She is repaying my time and energy AND I am giving her loads of self esteem by telling her how wonderful she is and what a fantastic job she is doing. She leaves her time with me, knowing that she is a good kid that can fix what she has done wrong AND she knows that her mommy thinks she rocks..... And I know that inside of her, she wants to be in our family and she wants to do the right thing...and I know that there is hope for our future as a family.....

See why I love fixes? They rock!

Have a fantastic night!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

It is unbelievably hot outside and that is making my apt obnoxious, too....So I don't have anything super awesome to share tonight.

So I am sharing this picture of our hands. We made this when we moved the first time as a complete family. We wanted the first thing that we hung in our new home together as a complete Forever Family to be something we made as a family. This still hangs in my home and will till the day I leave this earth. I am forever grateful for the family that God has given to me. I could have never imagined how perfectly God would match me to the family He has given me. So much better than I could have ever imagined..

Have a great night and may you be as blessed as I am! And keep cool!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Security Cameras......

What those security officers at Target must see on a daily basis....Wedgie picking, nose picking my battles!

Marie has a mood disorder beyond her RAD. So she is super fun! (sarcasm is my best coping mechanism) So she can have mood "cycles" rapidly within one day. By rapid cycling, I mean she can be up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, and up again....before imagine a whole day of that....Most of the time she is able to self regulate with the help of her medication...But some days......not so was a not so much kind of day....

We spent our day searching for cold places to be. We went to the movies with my sister (holla!) then went out to eat and after that Target. Target was a bad idea after such a long day but I just needed to get some juice boxes for Rose's field day.

Rose's shorts are too long for the heat...and Marie can't go on her field trip to Boston without an MP3 player....(she has lost three don't feel too bad for her) I told them both no...Marie had a meltdown....In the middle of Target....I walked for awhile as she stomped her feet and huffed and puffed....

It became fairly annoying....So I found the outdoor furniture section and found a lovely lounge chair...I plopped my butt down and picked this battle......My husband took alittle coaxing but decided he would like to try out the lounge chair, too....She whined and bellowed. Threatened to leave the store and pretended to begin to destroy store property. We sat there unaffected by her drama...Inside I was like, HOLY COW....I hope the store manager doesn't kick us out.

Eventually, she calmed down and let me know that she was having a tough time regulating herself and that she needed help....(BTW, no duh) After an hour, I was able to go ahead and shop....crisis averted! And now I am proud of myself! I didn't get sucked in. She knows my buttons and is very good at pushing them...But I got it right this time! Yeah me!

The girls know about the blog. And Rose so desperately wants to be the center of the blog that at the restaurant she was trying new material. I didn't realize it at first, I just thought she was being obnoxious. After the third time of her saying...."mommy, daddy did you hear what i just said? it was some funny stuff! did you hear? did you hear?" I realized I have a stand up in my house.....albeit one that will get eggs and drinks thrown at her, she is trying....

On a side note...If you have little kids, I don't recommend "Kung Fu Panda" It has quite a bit of violence and some rude conversations. I am all for some sarcasm but I guess I have a problem with a movie that is geared towards kids that has so much fresh dialog...Sarcasm works for adults but kids movies...not so much...

Have a great Monday!