Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brain Power!

I literally think this is how my kid's brain looks....I think that there has to be that much electricity going on. Some one so hell bent on being toxic and destructive has to have some serious electricity going on upstairs.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided perhaps we were not doing enough for my dear little tornado. We thought that we have experienced Attachment Therapy which was honestly so very helpful and such a gift of an experience for my husband and I. Tornado girl decided it was of no use to her and has completely checked out of being a participating part of any therapeutic situation.

It must be so very exhausting to be so dedicated to the misery of herself and those who want to love her. I know I am exhausted and I don't live in her head. It makes me so very sad to think of the amount of neglect and abuse that must have been experienced by her for her to be this truly disturbed. But that isn't always at the front of my head when she is screaming and in a rage.

Back to our bright idea. Anyone that has been involved in the life of a child classified as having mental illness or having a psychiatric issue, knows the level of frustration in getting services. In our home state, the only way to really convince them to do a med overhaul or to have any real psych testing done, the patient has to be admitted. And the only way to be admitted is through the Emergency Room. And as everyone saw from the Video of the woman that died in the waiting room of a psych ER, you spend hours and hours waiting to be seen. Sometimes they are truly that busy, but I truly believe that more often than not they have you wait for endless hours because they want the patient to calm down before they deal with them.

I understand that it is easier to get historical information when some one is calm but once they are calm, they no longer meet criteria to be admitted. Which is frustrating when you have a very clever, manipulative child that knows the system and easily fools ER staff and you make multiple trips to the ER. So, see the frustration....

Darn it...Off topic..This blog makes my mind go so fast...I have so much I want to share....I have enough topics for years of blogs!

Back to topic! We thought that maybe anOther option would be to have an extensive psychological assessment done by Neuropsychologist! My husband thought perhaps she would benefit from Neurofeedback. There was a question about insurance covering the extremely expensive testing...Good News! It does! Yay us! I am sure he wanted to do an assessment on me when he listened to the message I left him. I was so excited that perhaps we can gain more information that will yield more success with her. Someone out there must understand how exciting those types of things can be exciting....

My little Rosie is such a struggle. Even in therapy she is belligerent, uncooperative and generally unable to make any type of strides. She has created such thick walls! When we were leaving her session and she told me that she was walking down the stairs and not taking the elevator. So I said to her.."OK that is good I think that it would be best for you to walk down the stairs. See you downstairs" She looks at me, turns toward the stairs then turns around and gets in the elevator with us. A RAD brain at its best! See, she spends a lot of energy and she is sooooo dedicated to being oppositional....even when it is exactly what I really wanted....

It made us all laugh....Have to smile when you can....Sometimes they can't help but be funny!

Be Well! God Bless you for your support and for reading my ramblings!

PS- Forgive my grammar is late and my husband isn't at home to proof read this....I love you, honey!

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Brenda said...

You might want to check out my post from Thursday!! We had a neuro psych evaluation on one of our kids in April. Very beneficial.