Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Lucky Day!

My husband was reading a book earlier this week, the author was talking about his 30th High School Reunion. He then started to count how many years he has been out of high school. 19 years.....19 years and next year would be 20 (like my math skills?). He contacted a woman from his graduating class to see what was planned for the momentous year. God clearly knew what we needed!

His classmate is someone he has always been fond of and apparently with good reason....She is now one of my favorite people, too! (J-sorry for sucking up, but you don't realize the gift you are giving us!) J* has a motel on Cape Cod. She has kindly offered us a room at her motel. The Cape is a hopping place during the summer and for her to offer to make sure we got a room during the "In Season" rocks.....

The summer can be such a long and trying time for RAD families. Our kids struggle a great deal when there isn't strict schedules that they have to adhere to. My kids hate not knowing what will happen at 11:37 am everyday. During the summer, there is no way to guarantee that the same way they can when they know exactly where their behind will be sitting at 11:37 am once September comes.

So sometimes it is nice to really throw them off and go away for the weekend! Every April we go to Vermont on a long weekend. It is so much fun but even in that we have tradition. We go the same weekend every year and every year we go to Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and the Shelburne Country Store. Every year we get a teddy bear when we are at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. Every year we buy "penny" candy at the Country Store. And Every Year we swim at the hotel swimming pool and stay at the same hotel. Every year we stop at the same mid way pit stop and we get gas as the same gas station. We even play the same get a dollar if you can name the Vermont state capitol. They Love it and it makes things less anxiety ridden when we have a "routine" for that trip.

When we offered this opportunity, I wasn't sure at first. But I decided that we need a break. Perhaps we will have great success and we will have another safe place to get away....Plus now I can be like everyone in Massachusetts and I can answer the what did you do this weekend question with "oh I was on the Cape" Sometimes I need "normal", too!

I was reading another mom's blog today....She is really neat! I am thankful that she found me....I have her listed in the blogs that I read (her blog is "Living with RAD"). Actually, I think every blog that I have listed is fantastic...I am sure if you enjoy mine, you would find enjoyment in theirs too! Oh yeah...about her blog....every weekend she lists something positive about her kids...I think that is such a fantastic thing because it takes the focus away from the hard I am hoping she doesn't get upset but I am going to do the same.....Thanks, Brenda!

Marie: She is such a positive kid. She is extremely helpful and I enjoy all the times I get to share with her.

Rose: She is extremely good at doing chores! She excels at organizing things and folding laundry! I enjoy watching her be so exact with the folding of my clothes. She is very earnest with showing us that she can do a good job and she does!

Be Well!

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Brenda said...

Of course I don't mind you used this idea. It can really help me so I hope it helps you too! Thanks for listing me!