Monday, July 14, 2008

Penguins Rock!

I have a confession.....I haven't written in over a week because I have been in a less than stellar mood. My little wonder, Rose, has truly put me through the paces. To the point that I am .....oh never mind.....Time to move on!

Sunday I was given the opportunity to escape from her perpetual wheel of poisoning for a few hours. The day start quite poorly but ended quite well! We went to the New England Aquarium in Boston.....We started out by taking the "T" in because Rose has never been on the subway...What kind of mom doesn't expose their kid to the subway...Um certainly not a mom that loves to people watch!

The city is working on the specific subway line we were on so we had to leave the underground and get on a bus....For those of you that have not experienced Boston streets....They are even scarier when you and your children are standing up in a bus with a freaky bus drive starting and stopping with CRAZY traffic.....But never the less, My baby sister, my two girls,and I safely made it to our first destination....After a seriously over priced lunch at Quincy Market, we walked to the wharf.

By the way....the weather was to die for! Sunny, warm and breezy...Perfection!

I love the Aquarium....I love animals...I am addicted to the show "Growing Up" on the Animal Channel....and I love National Geographic channel, too...I am addicted to most of these reality shows (another blog) I love sharks, seals, and other cute fishies....Mostly I love Penguins!

We have adopted penguins as our Forever Family mascot. My kids have both endured great abondonment in their lives. At every turn, they are panicked that they will be just be stores, library, in the elevator of our building....always ....So I decided to use penguins....Penguins mate for life. They choose one mate for life and never change their minds. In fact, when their mate dies, they are usually so devastated that they lay next to them until they die. Forever means forever.....Of course, Rose did ask if she had to lay next to me and die when I die...because I might smell yucky....(still makes me chuckle)

So now we are Penguin Mommy and Penguin Daddy....and our Penguin Family is forever...It has been the best way to illustrate Forever to kids that have never experienced that before....I bought them each a plush Penguin and btw, my 14 yo daughter has it stuffed in the bottom of her messy, stinky teen backpack....Just she and I know it is there....

Penguins are awesome....and the lessons they helped me teach is pretty important...Rose doesn't quite get it....Maybe she won't for many, many, many years....But Marie understands and I count that as a win for me!

I hope you have a wonderful day....

Be Well and God Bless you!

PS...I have a couple neat pictures of penguins...but Blogspot is having an internal error and won't let me upload the pics....soon I promise...I need sleep now!


Sarah said...

Ok, so I'm reading backwards through your blog. Are you reading my diary? This is my 7 year old. I cannot lock the doors tight enough or create a safe yard that is safe enough for her worries that she will be stolen away from us or abandoned. Penguins! What a great idea.

jess said...

Forever means so many things to different people. Our daughter is adopted and we were very fortunate to have gotten her directly from the hospital at three days of age. We was a foster child in our home until we adopted her at age 13 months.

She will never struggle with the forever thing though I suspect we may have some issues surrounding race sooner than later, it was I who struggled with forever.

The roller coaster of whether or not she would ever become ours made it hard for me to be in love with her as a mother should. I loved her for sure but to be IN LOVE is quite another thing.

Now over a year has passed and she is a chatty two year old who has a great talent for singing and making my heart smile. Forever is a wonderful feeling that can be riddled with bumps and hiccups and uncertainty when considering what forever might mean.

Like the penguins, they have the right idea. A commitment so everlasting to another being can be the most rewarding, self fulfilling thing to happen to someone. To be alone is a much worse fate even though the togetherness is not always pleasing.

I ramble but your penquin blog brought a tear of sentimentality to my eye. Thanks for your insights and hang in there! You have much support.