Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will this really pass?

Ok...quite a pessimistic title, right???? I don't really feel this way...I just wanted to share my day....

My husband has a toothache. He can either have 3000+ dollars worth of work done OR he can have it extracted...Guess which he chose...So he is having it done under anesthesia....Can you say behaviors? ahahaha

Second, yesterday during therapy we had Rose read a letter from a member of her bio family that said that she was really going to live with us forever...Devastating but very much needed to dispel her fantasy of birthfamily reunification. Plus she is having testing done at school. So she is back to her old trick of throwing up so I had to have my yearly argument with the school nurse about not being sucked in AGAIN. Of course, everyone is now an expert on RAD so they don't need me to explain anything....As far as I am long as she is at school...if they won't listen and are so stupid..they deserve to be scammed... I know that isn't therapeutic and I have to do more work at home BUT really, if you educate them and you try to warn them and they disregard everything you say....they sort of deserve to be suckered....So now I have to go down and have the "no Rose can't go to the nurse unless she is dead" conversation with the principal again....

Marie, is mostly doing fantastic. But it is beyond me why she gets sucked into the drama that Rose starts when she knows she lies more than she mean can only help so much...they have to learn on their own!

Fun Times!!!! Super Fun Times!

On a very bright note...I haven't lost mind, I haven't opened fire on random groups of people, I haven't jumped out of the window..AND most people think I am way more sane than I am! So today Rocks....hahahahahah

Life is less about what you are going through and more about how you react....SOOOO..
I am choosing NOT to be bogged down in how much it sucks...And I am choosing to be thankful for the fact that with RAD kids, it could be worse!

Be well!


Torina said...

LOL. So you have a puker, too eh? Good times if you don't lose your mind.

Unspeakable Joy said...

great attitude! keep that chin up!!!

Brenda said...

You sound like you are doing great even when she is not. The adjustment of back to school takes such a long time. I think mine are finally settling in as much as they ever do.