Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dads Rock!

Happy Father's Day!

Here is to my daddy....He is a kind, loving and compassionate man. He has always loved and supported me no matter what. And I am blessed that my daddy is in my life! So I am raising a glass of Diet Coke just for you, Daddy! I love you!

I have to admit something here....I hate Father's and Mother's Day. Beyond the chaos normal holidays cause, these two are particularly wretched in our home. Two days that are created to celebrate the love between a child and a parent, become days full of loss and trauma for my kids.

So, sorry for nothing uplifting to say. I am not complaining because I really believe it is all a process and eventually this will pass. I just pray that God continue to give us the strength to be joyful even as we struggle with this junk!

The bright side to a weekend like this....(there is one) My husband and I spent alot of time together....We also got lots of chores done for us! Which is a gift! My toenails need to be repainted so maybe I will luck out and she will be fresh again soon! hahahah....

Oh yeah....And I did my part and bought some Frosty's....!

On a better note, the Red Sox won today...Who can have a bad day in Red Sox Nation when they are winning? Go Celtics...... OOPS....Sorry Dad, Go Indians!

Have a great night and be well......

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