Monday, June 16, 2008

RADical Blanket

Do you like my blanket? Isn't it fantastic. I decided I have appeared slightly glum so I wanted to share my new pet project.....

I have many miles to go before I sleep..(my homage to 9th grade English w/ Ms. Sullivan) I have literally only done about 20 rows. It is over 6 feet wide....

Talk about ambitious. I am crocheting it but I have to be seriously honest....I only know how to do single and double loop stitches (i know that is incorrect wording) so it is not very fancy.

Marie loves it. I think it is because it is made like her mind works. It is colorful, expansive, and it has a random pattern that no one else can follow. But she and I know what it means. We are choosing the colors together.

I call it the RADical Blanket for a reason. My kids are very engaged in their own healing and we pride ourselves on the level of honesty we maintain with the girls. RAD kids can be oppositional, defiant and their actions can seemingly be random and nonsensical. When in fact every action is quite calculated on their part and is part of unraveling the hurt and trauma they have experienced.

So my blankie is in homage to my girls and their continued healing! Like her this blanket is random and seems nonsensical.....Yet it is my labor of love for her. To show her that I love her and embrace her no matter what.

They are giggling because it is soooo long. I want it to keep her warm long into her adulthood. They marvel at how cool the colors look....I want her to smile every time she remembers our trips to buy the most random colors we could find....And they tease me because I don't really know what I am doing.....I want her to realize that even though it isn't is the only one in the entire world that looks like it..... And she is one of a kind, too!!!!

I imagine this may take years to finish...since I happen to have a random brain myself...But it is ok..This might be the perfect graduation long as it is in a new car or money is taped to it....hahhahaha Come on....who am I kidding....She will be 18.......

By the way....Today was a good started a little sketchy...but once they realized that they don't have to stay stuck and that today was a new day....Things looked up...We had a great day...AND isn't that what life is about...enjoying those great days....It is what I hold onto when the days aren't so great....

Be well and keep a smile on your face, Sunshine!


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