Thursday, July 3, 2008

I love Vacation!

I have to admit that I love being on vacation! I have never said that before! I like being at work. I like the women I work with and I like what I do. And I like talking to adults. Being home can be challenging so I enjoy the break that work brings me.

I have been off this week. I haven't done anything of any consequence, yet I have done something that every parent should do. I have been kind to myself and given myself permission to relax and think about my needs and wants for a little bit!

Now I get to seem as though I am self sacrificing yet I am being totally selfish. I am going to take the kiddos to the pool and play in the water for as long as I want. I have to be honest....It really is fun to have children. You get to watch fun movies, you get to laugh at gas, tell silly stories and act absolutely ridiculous. All the while your child is smiling and giggling and you get to be part of the memories that those silly moments create.

We have had our friend's daughter staying with us while she has been in the hospital and she is such a sweet kid. It makes me consider adding another child to our home...Then I remember kids come with issues and my house has enough issues never mind...I will just steal K now and then....

Have a fun filled, giggle filled day! Be well.....


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