Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy days of summer......

Lame picture right? Yeah I know but I couldn't find a good piece of clip art that I didnt have to pay royalties on. Today is July 2 and it is quite warm outside. Our complex is dragging their feet at fixing our central air so it is super warm inside of our third floor apt. So I am a tad cranky today.

Thank Goodness the pool opens at noon. Once I feed Rose and her friend we will go out to the pool. I work most of the summer so it is rare that I get to be home and enjoy the Lazy days of summer. I enjoy having the day to spend with my girls without having an agenda. Usually on the weekends we are always going here or there and things seems to always be going at a fast clip....

So today I am going to go out to the pool and let my hands and feet get pruney while I play with my girls!

Remember to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer!

Be Well!


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