Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vomit....A Plan for success......

Did you know that puking could make you happy? I was also not aware of this! My sweet, clever child has learned she can achieve much in life with vomit. I have to admit, I am at a little bit of a loss with this. And at the moment, my inclination towards therapeutic parenting goes out the window.

Scenario for the day.......

We discussed Rose's diabetic state last night and her headache with super powers. When she awoke this morning, it was as though she were a Disney Princess. She was so sweet that you could imagine all of the little forest animals gathering at her feet as she flung open her cottage window and hummed a happy tune. You can see it, right? She was almost too sweet. Not something to complain about when your child is usually contrary as a normal state.

Her voice was sing songey as she dressed, gathered her lunch and brushed her teeth. She was even respectful as she asked to have yogurt instead of cereal...Good Day....She even made a crack about her "headache" last night. We had cuddle time and good times=)

Marie walked in while Rose and I were cuddling and she asked what time the movie started. Rose chirped about going swimming today and maybe when she got home we could go to get Ice Cream...You are still hearing the chirping birds right?

As fate would have it....Marie and I had changed plans and decided to go to the Mall with my friend and her brood....We were about twenty minutes into our ride when I got THE CALL.....a call I have gotten soooo many times before....."Mrs. Smith (not my real name...hahaha) Rose is in the office...She doesn't feel well....She just threw up" Of course, in my unsympathetic and crass voice I said " of course she did..."

So, I bought her chicken broth for dinner and she is in her bedroom...banished to her bed till tomorrow am....I am sure her belly did hurt after she got herself into such a state that she actually puked! She is still sleeping off the excitement...I do have to admit that it is quite upsetting to me that she does this. It is a lot of wasted time when she spends so much of her time creating misery for herself and those around her.

Here is what I really don't get. She was going to camp today..They were going swimming, she was going to have a blast. I was going to spend one on one time with Marie while she was at camp so that it would minimize the upset to her...

Minute by minute update....God just touched her and she is no longer sick...a true Christmas miracle in July. Please know that I am not being sacreligious or disrespectful to the Lord when I say that. I just know my kid.....She just told me that she was refusing to stay in her room because it was stupid. She is fine now...what is the big deal.....i said we wouldn't even be having this conversation if you had chosen to stay at camp. Unfortunately, when you chose to puke you chose your bedroom.....The door slammed...we will see what happens...

So back to now she didnt get to go to camp, she has to stay in her bed and Marie and I are still going to see Mama Mia today while she does that....Consequences....gotta love them.....sometimes you don't need punishments when being a good mom does the trick! I mean, a good mom makes sure that her child gets plenty of rest and nourishment when they are sick.

It is like God knew I was not able to theraupetically parent her today on my own and threw me a bone. Gave me the words to show her I was only being a good mom! She can't argue with me being a good mom....Well she can...but it is much more difficult when I am doing it with that much love!

Also lest you think I am a cold heartless cow....Rose could be sick...But when Rose gets sick she is totally compliant with everything.....she is sweet and a joy when she is sick. When she is well, she is totally contrary to everything that you say to her. I love her soooo much and it pains me to see her sick BUT it is really a pain when she fakes it....and today she had a fresh there you solved, Inspector!

Thank you God!

Be well.....I am reading all of your blogs too...I love them all! You are all inspirations to me! I hope I give you something back.


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Brenda said...

You don't have to explain. Mommies know their kiddos well enough to know if they are really sick most of the time.. We gotcha. I'm glad she didn't ; )