Friday, September 5, 2008

Movies, movies, Movies....I love movies......!

Ok...You all saw my glowing complaints about "Momma Mia" and "Kung Fu Panda"  I have some excellent movies for all of you!  One has some swearing in it and may not be appropriate for very young viewers and the other all ages can watch!

The first movie, I saw due to the brilliance of my husband's desire to make a legacy for our children.  The name is "The Ultimate Gift"  This is truly a fantastic movie and apparently has become a movement around the world.  I truly believe that this is a wonderful movie that the entire family would benefit from seeing!

The second movie, I have found courtesy of another RADical mom!  Thanks, Brenda...What a gift this movie is!  The name of this movie is "Peaceful Warrior".  This movie has so many powerful lessons for everyone...But Radishes truly could learn from the gifts these lessons would give them.  I, as the mom of a RADish, also will benefit greatly from the lessons of this powerfully moving film!....This one does have coarse language and one or two mildly sexual situations.  But there is nothing graphic or truly offensive in this is almost as though, I have a crush on this movie! (hahaha)

Anyhow....I feel inspired and blessed.....I love movies and I really love movies that evoke emotion and thought....So to me, it is wonderful to see movies that are entertaining and also use the powerful entertainment media to challenge me as person...To challenge my belief system in a way, that makes me a better woman, wife, sister, mother, employee...makes me a better human my pedestal now!

be well!


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familygregg said...

We are a movie family as well. I've got a list on my blog of Must Sees.