Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time for a Change.....

I have spent the majority of the last month surviving skirmishes with my wonderful Radishes. I really do try to be therapeutic with them. But I must also be honest and admit that isn't always the case.

Obama and McCain have both latched on to this idea of "Change" Brilliant concept that it is. If you don't like your outfit, change it. If you don't like your shoes, change them. If you don't like your shampoo, change it....I need to remind myself...I can do the same with my negative attitude and my negative feelings. I don't have to stay as I am just because that is how it has always been. Doesn't that sound easy...

It feels much harder to do than doing this. But is it really? Is it really harder than just merely choosing not to make the comment, not to entertain the it really harder than just being a better wife, better mother, better employee, a better human. I am going to be a movie quoting problem soon! but in the movie "Peaceful Warrior" there is this brilliant quote.....(paraphrasing here) There is not start or finish....there is just doing.... Just choosing to change the negative this or that is what I am choosing to do....I am doing it...I am not going to start or finish...I am merely going to do it....

I wish I could find a successful way to teach my children this lesson. They are so fixated on "starting to be good" or "stopping the tantrums".....I find myself quoting the movie here too....Don't say you are going to start or stop....JUST DO IT! I find that this is such a hard lesson to teach them. But I feel that this is an important lesson for them to learn...If they don't learn this lesson....they will be spending their entire lives accomplishing NOTHING.....Never experiencing the most important gift we have....LIFE!

Hooray for my kids!!!!

Rose- faced with a chance this morning for a massive explosion....She chose, with very little prompting, to express her feelings. She also decided...I could be trusted with the control today, without a struggle!

Marie-She has started her first on-going babysitting job...She was responsible and respectful to her new employer and was quite wonderful with her new charge! She did a good job!!!!! YAY FOR HER!

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