Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things I Learned From My RADtastic 11 yo (In general Conversation)

1. I suck
2. I am jealous of her Birth mom
3. I punish because of my said jealousy.. I need therapy.
4. Consequences for poor choices mean I don't love her.
5. I don't show her proper respect.
6. I suck
7. If I was a normal mother she would be healed....
8. I make sure nothing good ever happens to her. I steal the life out of her.
9. She is sick of the drama....hahahha
10. I am cruel for making her eat healthy meals..That is how she got fat!
(she is normal)

Sooooooo....I just thought you would all like to revel in how awful I am. At least I know I am doing my job well....Kudos for me! Plus It is icing outside...What better could there be than that!

Please remember you all suck too!


Christine said...

I have thought about starting a Cafe Press shop just for parents of RAD. Some of the t-shirts would say:

"I know I suck. You don't have to tell me again."

"I am crazy smart."

"The Queen"

"Please use your words."

I could go on and on. Would save me from having to repeat things so much. :)

ali said...

hi K
i lost your e mail! please send it again LOL(i suck tooooo!)

Rose Adoption Journey said...

you and I must be the same bad person!! (-;

Jeri said...

Here's another t-shirt slogan:

"If you were in my brain, you'd have __________ too." (Fill in the blank with whatever "sucky" behavior just happened.)

How about: "My real mom wouldn't make me _________."
Again, fill in the blank: brush my teeth, not pee on the floor, punish me for whatever listed above, make me do my neuro exercises, etc.

Hang in there, from another sucky mom...and proud of it!