Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby, My Baby!

My sister is pregnant. Around 30 weeks. It is a very exciting time for our family. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little munchkin. I am so happy for her and my brother in law. They are going to be great parents. This child is coming into a wonderful family with lots of extended family to spoil him.

My sister was over at our house on Saturday night. We had girl time. It was nice to have her all to myself. Which is a rarity. I have my own family and obligations, as she does. I was always her little mother hen growing up. She slept in my bed with me, played dolls with me and I even stayed home with her when she was sick. As much as I thought I hated it...I have to admit I loved that she depended on me so greatly. Secretly I may even wish she still needed me.

AND that has absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about! lol

I got to touch my sister's lovely mama belly. I felt the baby move and react to us. It was so amazing. I cried. She also had a 4D US done and we watched the DVD. It was so wonderful to see him. We can already make out whose lips he has and who his chin resembles. Simply wonderous. Magnificent and truly a gift. I am really so thrilled for my baby sister.

When we were discussing who the baby looked like, I thought his nose was like my daughters. Which is funny considering they have no biological connection. So later that night I couldn't go to sleep thinking about my own children. They are so much like us and have actually become so much like us that they have begun to take on a physical resemblance to us. Which is neat. Obviously there are definite differences, I am not naive or living in dreamland.

My older daughter has black hair, brown eyes and olive skin, like my husband. My younger daughter has light/medium brown hair, blue eyes and very fair skinned, like me. My older daughter has a round face, like me. My younger daughter has my husbands toes. Both girls have a button nose like me. My older daughter is hirsute like me and the young one has less hair like my husband. It is amazing to me that God gave me two children that have so many similarities to us.

Perhaps in my mind, I know they are my children so I assume they look like me. They have taken on many of our mannerisms, our likes and dislikes. We laugh at similar things and we are moved to tears by the same things.

Adoption of older children, should not work.. too much baggage...too much pain...too much trauma....too much time apart. But amazingly enough....It can work...It can create that miracle of a forever family.

I probably rambled and made little sense. But today...I had to remember the good. Enjoy the good....embrace the good and radically accept it all.

Be Well....


marythemom said...

LOL! My Hubby teases me that I had to adopt to get a child that looked like me. I kept saying that brown hair and brown eyes (like mine) are dominant. So I ended up with blue eyed blondes!

Our adopted son has the same light brown hair (they darkened as they got older) and blue green eyes as the rest of them.

Our adopted daughter has brown hair, brown eyes, is left handed, is large breasted, is bipolar, has learning disabilities... she loves that we are constantly finding new ways she is exactly like me.

One of my favorite games is "Guess which ones are bio" with the family Christmas pictures. Even knowing it is the older two that are adopted, most people still get it wrong. LOL!

Mary in TX
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Mom to biokids Ponito(10) and his sister Bob(13)
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Finally finalized on Kitty(14) on 3/08 - 2 weeks before her 13th birthday!
Finalized on her brother Bear(16) 7/08. He turned 15 the next day.

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Anonymous said...

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