Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keepin' it Real!

So this is my fourth post....Pretty proliferative as of now. I am impressed with myself. So heres the thing I am already struggling with....

Being Real. I have been called abrasive, rude, abrupt, snotty, and down right obnoxious. And I don't agree with most of those. I only claim to be abrasive. The rest I am not. If you know me, you can agree. But these words are slung at me because I am Real. Unbelievably, brutally honest. About everything!

So here is my struggle. Some people view that as being negative or harsh. And I am sure it can be offputting to some. BUT honestly, it is me being real. I state things as they are without emotional attachment to what I am saying. And my concern is that this could be misinterpreted as complaining or being unhappy.

And that is not true. For the record, I am very happy. I have an amazing husband that is faithful and kind and smart and wonderful. I have two beautiful, healthy children. I have a loving support system and an amazingly wonderful and understanding boss ( are you reading this one?)

As for complaining....It serves no purpose. It doesn't change things, it affects your physical and mental wellbeing, and it makes you unbearable to be near. I chose my life willingly. Yes, I was naive and had no idea how difficult this would be....But I still chose my life so there is no reason for me to complain.

I want to use my words to share my feelings, whether I am frustrated or gleeful, and to maybe inspire another mom that is struggling. I am very real....Every therapist we have ever met has always been totally impressed at how open and honest I am about where we are emotionally. I am proud to say you always know where you stand with me.....I am me.....

I hope you enjoy the journey that we will take together if you decide to continue to read. I have really wanted to share my experiences and my life's passion for a long way. I don't.....maybe this is the warm up for my bestselling book....I already have the title!

Have a great night!

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