Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Quite There...But a Good Start

Last Saturday, my friend had a yard sale. It was like five families. She had a hot dog steamer and offered to let the girls have a hot dog stand. So being the ambitious mom full of dreams that I am, I suggested that we sell baked goods, too. Then why stop there....We would donate 50% of the proceeds to a local charity.

We chose a local charity named Warmer Winters, that knits/crochets clothing, blankets and toys for the local homeless and poor. They also teach them how to knit and crochet, so that they have a skill to also provide for themselves.

Well, Marie decided to donate her half of the proceeds also so we donated all of our proceeds from our stand to WW. We actually did very well so I was very proud of Marie. Rose had been sick that day so she wasn't able to help. She did help me package all of the baked goods a few days before. My husband did the hot dog and ice runs to the local grocery store....soooo it was really a family project.

Yesterday the woman that runs WW invited us to visit their location. We brought her the check and saw all of the wonderful clothing that is waiting for those who need it. What a neat experience and the woman was truly touched by the donation. She offered to have the girls come to their next knitting night so that she could show them how to knit.

She took her picture with the girls, gave them each a pin to wear and warmly hugged them. She was truly appreciative. My husband and I were truly moved by what they are doing. She gave us local statistics about poverty and homelessness. Marie was also touched by the experience.

We went out to the car and asked the girls what they thought. Marie thought it was neat that they made all of the clothing that they had(over 800 pieces so far) and wanted to learn how to knit so she could help them. Rose said...."it was nice but I wish that they had offered to let us have something"

I laughed, what else could I do? The lesson was there....just didn't quite connect....

That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Be Well!


Torina said...

What an awesome thing for your kids to do! Even if it doesn't sink in right away, they will think of that (hopefully) when they get older of doing something good for other people.

And I stalk you too, my blogga homey.

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh that's so a comment my RADical daughter would have said! :)

Brenda said...

I think that is a fabulous thing ou did.