Monday, November 17, 2008

It is Me again!

Hello...How are you? I am doing well, thank you.....

Soooooooooo, my peeps.....I read me some nifty blogs....One I love is Torina. The other night I was reading her blog. She said her family would make a great comedy. I, myself, think I would be a dramedy...Too much wailing and gnashing of teeth at my house to be a

I have a friend that fosters. She always has something fun going on at her house. She graciously watches my daughters until I get home on the nights my hubs bowls. She is truly good to my girls. She has a newborn and a 15 month at her house now along with her own almost 3yo daughter. Rosie tends to parentify herself with younger children. My friend and I have discussed and agree on the rules about her little ones. Rosie can talk to them and play but she can't physically touch them.

This really pisses her off. I know it does. I can see that it does. I have explained to her and we have discussed at great length that she is a kid and she is lucky enough to get to act like a kid. Marie is a teenager and has taken a babysitting class. She does not try to parent the children and therefore my rules don't have to be as strict with her.

Guess what? Do you see where this goes since my friend babysat for me tonight?

We live in an apartment complex. She was quite verbally aggressive with me. Not good after a long day at work...hehehe....I let Marie into the house and locked the door. I sat down in front of the door and laid my head against the door.....She demanded that I let her in....I calmly (yay me! The pills are working...hahaha) told her that when she was able to respectfully speak to me, we could go inside. She stood over me and told me she thought she was gonna puke.....I told her she had to do what she had to do....(in my head, I just pleaded with God to help her control this urge...because I would be puking too if she did that!)

God hear my cries....She relented because she didn't want the neighbors to know we travel on the crazytrain! I have to older daughter has bipolar along with her RAD and when she is having an "episode" (our special word for her manic place) she doesn't care who is there to experience her train ride....Rose on the other hand, is ridiculously aware of what other people appear to think. It really can work in my favor. I know I can run errands with her no matter what because she doesn't want anyone to know about the crazytrain!

I don't like Ozzy Osbourne's music. To be honest, I have never really listened to his music. He has this song called "Crazy Train" in the chorus he says "i am going off the rales on a crazy train" Sometimes....I feel as though that is my I made it my ring tone...Please, don't write me and tell me how horrible that song is the only part of the song I have ever heard....and the only part I plan on hearing AND it feels like me right now...hahaha...clearly the meds need to be

She chilled long enough to get in the house and shower....She began again after that so Marie was already in bed so I shut my bedroom door and let her do what she had to do until she fell asleep.....She went to sleep quite quickly....Man, I know if I were her, I would be exhausted....She puts so much effort into pushing us away from her. Poor kid....She really is a sad little girl. I feel so badly about the fact that she is so dedicated to pushing us away....Lucky for her...I don't ever give up easily! I am nothing if I am not dedicated! I may stumble and I may royally screw things up sometimes....But in the end...I am totally dedicated to this family!

Lucky for all of you, that means tons of blogs to come....hahahhaha...If you all excuse me..I have to go watch TLC and the family with two sets of twins and a set of sextuplets! And I think I am overwhelmed!

And in case I don't say it enough or well...Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support! My mom, dad, sister, both bro in laws, sis in law, father in law and J, my brother and M, J and D, M.L. and the list goes on! Thank you all for what you do for us! And Thank you to my blog family...I love you all too!


Torina said...

You have a puker, too?! This is so exciting for me. I have been searching for someone else who has a puker. Tara, though she hasn't done it for a long time, used to regularly make herself puke on me. Ugh, so disgusting. As a result of the hundreds of times I have been vomited on, it doesn't even phase me any more. Isn't it sad that this makes me happy? Or maybe just another part of the comedy...

Alyssa's Mom said...

I Love Jon & Kate!!!

Lisa said...

Oh yeah...I have a puker too. Projectile from 6 ft away. Special talent my girl has.

J will also be an angel in public. Thank goodness. On the other hand it means people think I'm crazy if I try to explain what I live with.

You're a great mom and I'm in awe!

Brenda said...

The average person doesn't realize how hard every little thing can be sometimes, like trying to go in the door!! It is awesome to come here to another place with someone who understands! Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, its like reading about my family, my child was also temporarily admitted in Oct also in the same state and the ER experience was exactly the same! Sugary snacks and drinks, and so on. Wish we were at the same hospital so they could learn from experience, I feel more sane now that I see others deal with the same issues. Good luck with everything, the only thing that helped since then was upping the meds, but how long can we keep doing that? Oh well, hang in there, I totally agree about the stress I need to work on taking care of myself too, its so hard.

Queen Mommy said...

Anonymous...Send me an email...Maybe we can support each other!