Monday, June 22, 2009

Are you serious?

I believe I received this message when my 15 yo daughter texted me THREE times today and called FOUR times while I was at work....At work at a job that frowns on cell phone use...this is the most persuasive argument against teens with cell phones! =)

First....UPDATE on Rosie and the infamous capris.. lol....she did wear them to school. But as I correctly suspected...It was a one and done...."Um....they are really comfortable are way too loose...I need it to be tighter to my know, like the rest of the NORMAL kids" Whatever that Ocean State Job Lots is the best place to buy what I am starting to call the one and

Onto the fun of Marie!

Marie is my spirited child. She is vivacious, exuberant, fiesty, sassy, outspoken, impulsive, headstrong, loud, infectious laugh, a smile that lights up the room and eyes that twinkle with mischief....She was the miracle I prayed God would send us....but she also struggles in ways that break my heart. She has requested on not blog about certain things that have happened in the last month so I am tiptoeing around parts of the story that are the most crucial. But I have always told the children that if they request something not be talked about on here...they can make the request and I will respect their please be patient...The story will unfold...eventually.

Marie has been struggling for months now. It started with skipping classes and stepped up to massive behavioral meltdowns (can you call them tantrums at 15), a three day suspension and saturday detention and recently resulted in outside intervention. Next week some of our questions will be answered so I can explain that more. She has had more than 2 meltdowns a week for the last month or so. I personally think it is BiPolar although the psychiatrist believes it is simply trauma response. I have to be honest, I don't care what the label is...she needs a med change. He is away until July 8 so we are trying to be patient and work through this. Her peaks and valleys are too extreme to be anything but a mood disorder. So I have decided I totally disagree with Dr. G and I am ready to fight this time. He has always been very reasonable in the past but is very hesitant to change or up meds..I agree with him, in theory, but he isn't living here....MEDS! lol

Today....the stress of the end of school is really getting to her. She has been grounded due to the above issues...she knows this...we know this....everyone that knows her...knows she is grounded....Back to the her kind and loving words...bated my husband into a debate over her restriction....he ended it quickly but she blew a gasket....

Anyone want to take a 15 year old for the summer?

Anywhooo? See why I stopped

She calmed down...and seemed to be processing information....then she told me that it was hard for her because it was alot of pressure to pretend that I was her mom....She thinks of me as the Stepmom...and I try too hard to be her birthmom....Not sure what that all meant but I figured she was still completely out of sync sooooo encouraged her to take a shower....showed her my unconditional, consistent love and decided it was something that could wait until she was back in sync....I certainly don't need to start more fires!

On a positive note....My sister is having a baby in September and I am very excited for her and my brother in law...I am so looking forward to our family expanding and spoiling another nephew....

Another positive note.....I have a mini vacation coming up. I only have to work next monday and tuesday with the rest of the week off...Life is good!

Be Well....


PS...I know this isn't the most formally written blog but I write like I talk..So deal with it=)

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