Monday, July 5, 2010

Life is good!

I focus sometimes on the things that are frustrating me. I focus on how hard life is right now. I focus on how others have it easier than me. I focus on friendships that hurt. I focus on family relationships that are lacking. I focus on work issues. I focus on medical issues. I focus on the heat. I focus on RAD. RAD. RAD. RAD. and RAD. Not right now. I am going to share with you the good things in my life.

Sit back and think about those things that are good:

1. I am in good health

2. My husband loves me.

3. My children are alive and physically well.

4. I got to lay in bed and tickle my daughters yesterday.

5. I have ears to listen to the giggles and shrieks of happy children.

6. I have a job.

7. The weather has been soooo beautiful.

8. I love therapy.

9. I have two very special siblings, whom I love very much.

10. I have air conditioning.

11. I have many nieces and nephews to love and hug.

12. I love my husband!

13. I live in the USA. I have many blessings from living in this great country.

14. We have an amazing professional support system.

15. We have a great family support system.

16. I have two adorable cats that love to be spoiled.

17. I have a few truly good friends. My circle is tiny but greatly loved.

18. I love my coworkers.

19. God loves me no matter what mistakes I make.

20. God really loves me! Look at all He has blessed me with!


Misty said...

i love this post! I love that you took the time to do this...

Anonymous said...

I love number 16