Friday, June 20, 2008

The True Love of a Kitty.....

This is a picture of my love bug kitten! His name is Scout. He is the ultimate love bug but he is quite selective with his love.

His two favorite people in my home are Rose and Marie. If I am completely honest, his one true love is Marie. He was only a couple of months old when Marie moved into our home.

She was 9 and had never seen a kitten. He was so teeny and you could barely hear his cries. Marie would follow him around and touch him. I would warn her that she was freaking him out. Scoutie is a fraidy cat.....He is literally scared of his own shadow. When he is alone in the living room and all of the lights are out....he cries out until you call his name! She didn't care she was in love with him. Her persistence was not without a consequence. He also fell head over heels in love with her.

Last summer our beloved cat, Poe, died. My husband and I found him at the beginning of our life together. He had been our first child, our first collective responsibility. We were devastated but I had to teach the girls that we could move on and love again. As Poe would want it. So we got a new kitten! Everyone was against the idea. But I persisted and brought home little Boo Radley. No one wanted to like him. Actually the first two days we had him, he hid all day and cried all night.....Loudly and painfully. Every time we tried to get near him, he hissed...He was only three months old.

So, Rose pursued Boo Radley and I also warned her about freaking the kitty out....he is very independent and doesn't really need us often....but she was in love with him .....and he eventually also succumbed to her persistence.

Both cats are very attached to the four of us alone. If they hear someone knock and we are all present and accounted for, they run and hide. If someone is here at our home, no one will see them till they are sure that they are safe with their family. My sister has two cats that love everyone and are wonderful with everyone. Sometimes I wish my babies would perform for others, but alas they give a much greater gift.

They love my girls. They love my girls unconditionally and in a way that they most would not understand.

My daughters have tantrums...and when I say tantrums, I really don't think that the exact wording of tantrum does it justice. They are at the very least verbally abusive and usually there is some sort of physical element to it. When they tantrum it can be very scary and it really gets the adrenaline popping. Chaos amplified.....

But the cats are completely unphazed. In the middle of all of the chaos....they go right up to the kids and rub against them. The girls usually calm down and have a quiet moment....Of course, this does nothing to stop the tantrum BUT I see their hearts during those moments with their one true loves. Sometimes it kills me that they have more emotional connection to animals than to me. But then I think about the fact that they LOVE someone.....AND that is better than the alternative.

I have to be honest...I am really tired tonight and I am lacking any level of focus. My husband usually reads my blog and tells me if it is good or needs to be tweeked..But the Red Sox are playing...And if you live in Red Sox Nation....that means all other matter of business ceases during a game....So I will live with what I have written...

Be well.....

More soon,

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Kris said...

my cats rock!!!! :) Matt and I were just discussing Poe yesterday!!

Your cats might rock if I believed they were real and not a figment of your imagination!!!!

I guess you rock too!